Advantages of our solution



Digitization and automation of the test process reduces human error, minimizes personnel costs and enables maximum flexibility when dealing with dynamic workload situations - with high and reliable protection against manipulation on several levels.

Maximum reduction in personnel costs with relaxed work: The test run with just one person takes up to 80 seconds per test - of course including sample collection, friendly welcome and farewell. The test run with two people takes up to 50 seconds per test. These values have been confirmed in practical use.

The throughput of a test machine with two input shafts is up to 120 tests/h.

Scalability through any parallelization of operating devices and test machines, depending on local needs and capacity requirements, from 120 tests/h to over 12,000 tests/h.

Replaces 80 laboratory places in an area of just 1 m² with automatic time monitoring for each test strip.

Secure input with recognition of valid test strips and output of invalid test strips.


Workflow Software

Completely integrated operator software, adapted to your needs.

Max. reduction of data administration with only two QR code scans.

Agile and wireless operation via tablet and smartphone as operating devices and PC with printer.

Fully digital test processing workflow with maximum process and data integrity without media disruptions.

Online reservation and registration by customers via Website.

Reusable QR code for regular visitors.

Automatic online transmission of results to customers, companies and the health authorities.

Connection to Corona Warn App and test result with EU certificate (DCC).

Optional paper printout of the test certificate on site.

GDPR-compliant with data centers according to ISO 27001 on servers in Germany.


Schnelltest Analyse

Standardized test evaluation by rapid test reader in accordance with the WHO recommendation of September 11, 2020.

Up to 12 times higher detection of viral loads compared to the visual limit of detection and thus the chance of earlier detection of infections.

Manufacturer-independent use of suitable rapid tests for different applications and infectious diseases - the choice is yours.

Cloud storage of each test result with photo for documentation and quality assurance.