The solution
for the automated and fully digitized evaluation of rapid tests
With 2 scans
to a rapid test
Multi test capability
Covid, influenza, RSV,...
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Accurate, robotic lab automation for rapid test operation.


A high-tech reader for rapid tests from different suppliers and infectious diseases


A powerful and easy-to-use operator software, fully integrated and customized to your needs.


Healthcare 4.0

The robot cell to develop and analyse of the rapid test (not only covid...)


The All-In-One Solution


with minimized risks
The digitization and automation of the test process reduce human errors, minimize personnel costs with maximum flexibility in dealing with dynamic workload situations - with high and reliable protection against manipulation on several levels

Space saving

Can be used anywhere
Replaces 80 laboratory places in an area of just 1 m² with automatic time monitoring for each test strip


The throughput of a test machine with two input shafts is up to 120 tests per hour.


"One-Man" test center is possible
Maximum reduction in personnel costs with relaxed work: The test run with just one person takes up to 80 seconds per test - of course including Sample collection, friendly greeting and farewell. The test run with two people takes up to 50 seconds per test. These values have been confirmed in practical use.

Practice oriented

with temperature monitoring
Long-term temperature monitoring to ensure the necessary operating conditions for quick tests


Suitable for mass testing
Scalability through any parallelization of operating devices and test machines, depending on local needs and capacity requirements, from 120 tests per hour to over 12,000 tests per hour
Our Story

The future of
test centers has already begun

Our Vision

The test center in the endemic phase

How to live with infectious diseases. The development of our test cabin.